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From the common name it follows that TSCM professional must have a combination of professional skills and technical equipment to conduct a high-quality inspection and identify, minimize the use of identified vulnerabilities for potentially unauthorized information risks.

Professional skills and experience

As strange as it may sound, our profession is similar to the doctor. As a rule, we all have strict requirements and rules, but as a rule we need to show a fair amount of ingenuity, patience and trust in luck – since initially we are not in equal conditions with our enemy. Judge for yourself – unlike us – the “attacker” chooses the means of secretly obtaining information, the time during which it will be used, the installation location and camouflage, and most importantly, it regulates the amount of costs for its activities (how expensive, quality and reconnaissance means will be technologically advanced). As a rule, our specialists always do as a catch-up. And as a doctor, we have no right not to underestimate the enemy and count on an easy job. So in any case, we must use our entire arsenal to detect both elementary and complex reconnaissance means, and besides, we are obliged by default to admit that the threat already exists – although perhaps it may not exist.


Personally, from my experience (and this is 17 years of daily and sometimes nightly) work, experience is very important. And of course, knowledge is important – both the elementary laws of physics and complex calculations . But it often happens that experience gets in the way – and my interns found Bug devices faster – because they did not search according to an established method, but were guided by their guesses.


I really want to pay a lot of attention to the methodology and methods of searching, detecting and blocking the unauthorization information channels.

In my country, and this is no the secret, we are required to agree on this methodology with the regulatory government agency. And review it periodically. And of course, there is that part of the work that we perform as prescribed by the Methodology – and the other part that we do not indicate. And so, in my opinion, it is the quality of a specialist’s work that is assessed by this part of the work; this is what distinguishes us – the professional secrets of each individual specialist.

In my articles I will share my experience, observations of your work and professional secrets.

Technical support and professional equipment

In this part of articles and even reviews of equipment, I first of all I want to show the strengths of each type of equipment, as well as the negative aspects, personal experience of use and reviews of my colleagues. And most importantly, perhaps my reviews will encourage someone to modernize the technical tools or even give an idea for creating a new one.

I would like to express special gratitude… for the idea of creating a professional blog, sharing experiences and who knows what other result, but it is known for sure that the creation of a new series of articles, even on my part, will allow me to take a more professional approach to choosing a profession and assessing my results.