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PEGASUS found on iphone

A library found on iPhone and iMac maybe is going to Alarm the TSCM community, if you are going in the file system, you can find the folder: So a lot of Apple users are asking if there are victim about the NSO Pegasus Spyware, but no,… Read More »PEGASUS found on iphone


In this article, I would like to separately touch on two topics – the preliminary or preparatory stage when searching for bugs, unauthorized channels for information risks, countering unauthorized receipt of information, and also possible ways to identify installations for reconnaissance equipment. Preliminary stage As I wrote above,… Read More »STAGING TSCM ACTIVITY


From the common name it follows that TSCM professional must have a combination of professional skills and technical equipment to conduct a high-quality inspection and identify, minimize the use of identified vulnerabilities for potentially unauthorized information risks. Professional skills and experience As strange as it may sound, our… Read More »IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE A TSCM SPECIALIST WITHOUT TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT


GSM-WIFI-Bluetooth RF search system From Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a company that designs and manufactures world-class wireless security products for TSCM specialists and government organizations to manage the wireless security of secure facilities. The system serves to locate modern wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G / 4G / 5G… Read More »YORKIE-PRO

Airtags follow you

I have been using Apple AirTags for some time to follow objects that I could lose or that could be stolen, this technology is comparable to a real GPS, years ago I found that by disassembling them they can be inserted into any object, especially if we move… Read More »Airtags follow you

Audio countermeasures

ANTI-WIRETAPPING To cut the interception of the conversions at the origin it is enough to act on the microphone, from years the market have listed different devices, like white noise, high audio noise room isolation with a headphone and microphone erase noise capable to use with conversationalists like… Read More »Audio countermeasures


the importance of good training makes a difference Catch the bug, will be the perfect name of this post. A good practice is the best training you can do with your new, powerfull, realtime, Spectrum Analyzer. This rule is for all instrument you have, so remember to must… Read More »Training

Environmental analysis

OPERATIONAL SEQUENCE The work of Environmental Analysis (in jargon electronic remediation), is an activity usually do for institutions, companies and individuals, wherever strategic information is processed, whose compromise, could lead to considerable economic and image damage. The work mainly consists in the search for audio / video capture… Read More »Environmental analysis