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GSM-WIFI-Bluetooth RF search system From Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a company that designs and manufactures world-class wireless security products for TSCM specialists and government organizations to manage the wireless security of secure facilities. The system serves to locate modern wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G / 4G / 5G… Read More »YORKIE-PRO

Airtags follow you

I have been using Apple AirTags for some time to follow objects that I could lose or that could be stolen, this technology is comparable to a real GPS, years ago I found that by disassembling them they can be inserted into any object, especially if we move… Read More »Airtags follow you

Forensic reports and the utc

How to correctly read dates and times on Cellebrite UFED forensic reports General information about the time Everything is based on the meridian of Greenwich, in Great Britain, which is the starting point, the so-called meridian Zero, where zero is the longitude. It crosses the Astronomical Observatory located in the… Read More »Forensic reports and the utc


Computer forensics is the discipline of forensic science related to the acquisition of evidence from computers or other digital devices. The aim is to examine the electronic material following forensic analysis processes (guidelines, shared practices) in order to identify, preserve, acquire, recover, analyze and present evidence in a… Read More »FORENSIC FIELD