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the importance of good training makes a difference

Catch the bug, will be the perfect name of this post. A good practice is the best training you can do with your new, powerfull, realtime, Spectrum Analyzer. This rule is for all instrument you have, so remember to must have absolutely mastery of your tools. specially when you operate with your customer near you, and if he ask something you have to reply with professional exaustive.

Some of commercial spy equipment:

You have to know what you are searching for, so the first thing to do is to buy from the market all types of commercial spy systems, are few bucks, the price of this systems are very very low, so you have to play with it.

The SELCOM ST-121 – Multifunctional Advanced Simulator

The professional systems you will not find on the market, the price is very high, but do not despair because Selcom comes to our aid with the ST-121 that simulates the whole scenario.

ST-121 Multifunctional Advanced Simulator is designed to imitate operation of almost all types of bugging devices, such as:

• RF microphone
• Hardwire
• Carrier current
• Optical
• Ultrasonic

It also imitates electromagnetic interference of electronic devices (TEMPEST), such as solid state dictaphones and cell phones.

Complete signal generator in a wide frequency range: 0.01-20MHz and 100-6000MHz Self-powered Small dimensions Robust design, ST121 is emitting:

• Radio signals with user-defined frequency value in 100 – 6000 MHz range. A variable output power. AM, FM, FHSS, DSSS and PULSE signals
• Signals imitating data transmission standards (GSM, DECT, BLUETOOTH & WLAN)
• HF and LF signals in the 220V main power lines and RJ-45 low current lines. AM, FM and PWM signals
• IR signal with LF signal modulation and possibility to select a subcarrier frequency
• Sound and ultrasound signals with user-defined frequencies or selected octave and third-octave filter frequencies. (Direct connection of speakers to the ST121 output socket is available)
• Low frequency magnetic field

Is a must have for training of TSCM personnel, testing functionality of the TSCM equipment and laboratory measurement.

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