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When you hear “hacker” word, what comes to your mind? Is the popular image of an unknown shady hooded figure from a basement stealing your digital identity? The truth is, hacking, just like technology, has morphed into a different, negative topic, but how were hackers born? It all… Read More »Hacker

Audio countermeasures

ANTI-WIRETAPPING To cut the interception of the conversions at the origin it is enough to act on the microphone, from years the market have listed different devices, like white noise, high audio noise room isolation with a headphone and microphone erase noise capable to use with conversationalists like… Read More »Audio countermeasures


the importance of good training makes a difference Catch the bug, will be the perfect name of this post. A good practice is the best training you can do with your new, powerfull, realtime, Spectrum Analyzer. This rule is for all instrument you have, so remember to must… Read More »Training

Environmental analysis

OPERATIONAL SEQUENCE The work of Environmental Analysis (in jargon electronic remediation), is an activity usually do for institutions, companies and individuals, wherever strategic information is processed, whose compromise, could lead to considerable economic and image damage. The work mainly consists in the search for audio / video capture… Read More »Environmental analysis